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Michigan Communities with Residents of Limited Income and Limited Access to Healthy Food: A Look at Michigan’s 110 House Districts

Michigan Communities with residents of limited income and limited access to healthy food

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"Food for every child" book cover

Food for Every Child – The Need for Healthy Food Financing in Michigan

“Michigan must address the significant need for fresh food resources in many of its communities. A myriad of factors have created a shortage of healthy food resources in lower-income areas across the state, creating a public health crisis. The Food Trust, a nationally recognized nonprofit, issued Food for Every Child: The Need for Healthy Food Financing in Michigan to document these findings and to ensure that all children and their families live in communities that have access to healthy and affordable food. This goal can be achieved by stimulating the development of healthy food retail in underserved communities and supporting the production, aggregation and distribution of healthy and locally grown foods.”

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The Michigan Healthy Food Access Campaign is an innovative partnership of retailers, agricultural leaders, health advocates, and policymakers dedicated to removing barriers to nutritious food access.